Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

Shoe Season

Sales have started a while ago and Net-a-Porter has its final sale! If anybody is interested in shoes and has some €€€ to spend, thats the place to shop... I basically love all of them, and now they are actually affordable. Not for me though, because I'm only a student with no income. And those shoes are NOT made for walking, more like being driven around.

I really like this trend! The red Oscar de la Renta are my favorite.

Top: Burberry now 135€;  ALAÏA now 689€;   BRIAN ATWOOD now 138 €
Middle: GIVENCHY now 219€;    GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI now 238€;    BRIAN ATWOOD now 239 €
Bottom: GIANVITO ROSSI now 178€;    OSCAR DE LA RENTA now 240€;   PIERRE HARDY now 159€

Can you tell I am playing with Indesign for the first time?! I need a lot more practice but my test-licence will run out in 28 days and I don't really have the time to play when I should be studying for my exams...

REED KRAKOFF now 192€;      GIANVITO ROSSI now 132€;   CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA now 572€

I'm sorry I don't write in German anymore at all, but it just takes so much time to write everything two times and I guess everybody knows english.  

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