Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Magazines I Found and Liked II

There can never be enough information about cities. What they look like, how they smell, how they make you feel, how they form your behavior, your life, your everyday ways, your priorities, your free time, your way of thinking. Living in a city can mean everything to a person and a personality. My life would be completely different living in a city bad public transport. Or in an unwalkable city. In a city with less security, in a gated community, in a city with a larger population. I think about cities every day. What's good, what's bad, what could be better, what should be better. How. Why. 

Magazines about cities are great! The internet is great to, though... You can spend days and still not even know all the basic topics that are discussed right now. 
Stadtaspekte also updates you on their homepage and via facebook on topics of all kind concerning cities. It's in German. But if you click on Stadt um zehn you can also find english articles. 
 A reason to buy instead of just browse the net is the texture of the paper. The layout, the fonts. The feeling of holding this in your hands. 

I admit I am a paper-addict. I stoped printing my lecture material in university because I am a tree saver. I read online newspapers. I read i pad magazines. But these un-glossy, thick pages that were designed with so much love, pictures in good quality. It's the feeling, the content. Magazines. Whenever I feel un-inspired and in need of some comfort I turn to the shelf with all the amazing magazines and books full of assorted content. Carefully adjusted. 
Tomorrow I will go and check if I can get the second edition of Stadtaspekte in the main stations magazine store. It's out since the 26th.  

Next time I will try to make a nicer layout for the blog by writing my post in indesign. Maybe. We will see how this turns out of course. 

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Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie sehr dir die 2. Ausgabe gefällt! Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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