Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

On top of the World

Picture Overload!
We went hiking in Austria last weekend. What a view! (Wish I could make the pictures larger but Blogger wont let me...) And so relaxing to not think about the work loads we left behind. There really was no time thinking about it, as we all had to concentrate on what's ahead of us. Exhausting but so worth it. 

First stop for lunch by the river. Such beautiful scenery! 
 Up front: the mountain we wanted to climb the next day. 

First day's achievements. Hiked from Austria to Germany. 
 Early morning start to make it to the top.

On top. 
 Made it. It's not the top though, but the rest was snowy and unsafe, so most of us didn't feel like breaking bones today and eventually nobody made it up all the way. 

 Can you see the path that leads down? It's a small path to the edge and then you have to climb down. 
 Panorama view. Everybody was wearing light shirts but little Sarah is scared of sunburn, so I decided to get cooked in my jacket. Wasn't that bad, actually.
Back on the ground, having a drink. 
Came back home safe. No sunburn except on my ears. Score.


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