Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

The Magazines I

21 China
One of my interests my mother hates the most is collecting magazines! I love reading magazines, looking at the beautiful pictures, enjoying the texture of the paper. I don't do vogue or any other fashion mag mostly because the content is not as appealing. Way to many ads and almost no interesting content. To me fashion is an online-thing. There is a lot more out there than a magazine can cover. So instead of fashion, I enjoy architecture, interior design, urban planning, science and cultures, sometimes business. 

 The layout and graphics are superb. Wish I could create this...
Sweet personal stories about business-dreams come true. 

21 China is so well done, I love everything about it. I read it in 2 days, during coffee breaks, lunch, commuting to university. Highlighting aspects of Chinese culture, the differences between China and Germany, and most importantly, showing some insights into Chinese businesses and their heads. This edition was also covering Chinese celebrities. I'm slowly getting into a China-Vibe, there are so many beautiful places to visit there, too! 

Another plus: like 21 china on facebook or twitter for daily news about interesting newspaper articles, tv documentaries or the newest Chinese movie. Information is KEY.

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