Samstag, 16. März 2013

Ski Diary

My blog is dying, so I will try to update more frequently! It's already march! Crazy, I know...
So since I learned how to ski 2 years ago I took the chance to practice a little more. First stop in Italy! 
In January we went skiing with my university homies. A couple hours in a bus with 30 ppl and lots of beer later, we arrived to see NO SNOW! Good thing we went up hill a little more...

To get to the house we stayed you have to ski from one ski-lift to the next. It's a super nice hostel on the top of the mountain!

There is this thing about skiing, this special atmosphere with all the super yummy food, the cold snow, laying in the sun, having lazy evenings with drinks and staying up late even though you want to be the first at the lift the next morning. Well, I never stay up late, cause I'm the sleepy type, but I still love it!

Crazy weather! The last day you couldn't see a thing! It got better though...

The last day is always the best day! Starting really early with skiing, having the biggest lunch you can get (Haxn) and going sledding the whole afternoon. 
For lunch I shared "Haxn" with a friend. It's basically translated as "pork knuckle", it's pretty fatty but super yummy! It was my first time eating one so I was super excited about it. And let me tell you, I am the master of meat cutting! 

Going sledding in a large group is the biggest fun ever! It's all about who's in pole position! And it's a bit dangerous, since the boys don't care if they make you spin in circles or make you go down off road!

Skiing in Austria
The more you ski, the more you get addicted! I already had my own ski boots (got them for christmas) and in February I got my own ski! No way I would not go skiing again before summer takes over! So somewhere between Germany and Austria there is a nice place to go skiing. We stayed a friends uncles appartment. First time I went skiing and didn't have to share a bathroom with 15 other girls... very nice for a change! 

Good company! Miss Snowbunny and Th.

My new ski! They sparkle in the sun! And I ski so much better with them! Never renting ski ever again...

The boy not even wearing a jacket! It was super hot, we were all sweating and during lunch everybody was wearing t-shirts. Not normal. But I would say, rather die of heat than freeze to death... Not everybody will agree with me on this.

I really wish those pictures had better quality... but I guess thats what you get when you only take pictures with your phone...

I decided to do a little experiment, it's called capsule wardrobe. I'll blog about it soon :-) Trying not to let my lovely blog fade away!

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Sam hat gesagt…

Omg your photos of your ski trip are stunning! Super love the one with the fog/mist. I love sledding too when I used to live in Canada!


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