Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Dreaming of Designs

Actually I was researching on a good design for my presentation on mondy, when I started researching on typography (and totally fell in love w/ it) which lead me to computer based designs and art... nice little story, and thats how I spend about 5 hours of my day... (not good for my presentation, but good for my soul)

The result of my hard research:

   And the rest of the ones from the blog....

Pictures @ alleycatsanddrifters

2. I NEED Adobe InDesign CS6. Soon.
3. I wish I had a drawing tablet and a good program to play around (good thing I don't, because this would be the end of my career as real estate engineer). 
4. I wish I had friends who are interested in those kind of things as well. 
5. I hate that AutoCAD tells me stuff like "your graphics card is to old for our program", how can I be out-dated after 3 years already? 
6. Vektorworks2012 is downloading way to slow, 3hours47minutes.
7. I need a mouse for my UrbanDesign3 Class (hate unnecessary investments, have more than enough electronic scrab at home and daddy says we don't have money for cheap crab, so make an investment and buy a good mouse now?!?).
8. I need a BIG screen, as soon as I am home. 
9. I need to marry an extremely rich guy, tomorrow! There are way to many "I need"s on my "research result" list.

BTW: It's not my fault this world is just way to amazing and beautiful to concentrate on LEED's.

The End.

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