Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Korean Extreme Hiking for Beginners

Mountain Map

On the way to the mountain: lunch snacks, lots of beer, water, hiking equipment.

The woods. To bad it was still not green.

My hiking company: Rosa, Sarah (Jessis Korean Mama), Jessi.

Crowded mountain road. Koreans love hiking so on the weekends lots of ppl take a ride to a close mountain to enjoy nature. Nice hobby :) 

Stone trail.

Aww, look at us. Still full of energy and high spirit. 

Jessi got a hankerchief which is very important hiking equipment. You can buy them everywhere on the mountain.

Taking a break.

We had to pull ourselves to the top by using those ropes. My arms were so sore the next day :(

What a view, and this is not even the top.

"Backpack Mountain"

 On the top of the mountain: everybody was having lunch. People were selling ice cream, kimbab, beer, water and other good stuff :D Korea is such a consume-country.

We picked a great spot for lunch.

I could not take a picture of the highest point because everybody was taking pictures in front of it. No way of having the top for myself.
The way down.

This place looks really great. I wonder if it would be a good place for a temple stay :)

Waiting at the metro to go home. 5 hours of hiking was more than enough for the first time.

The End.

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